We developed a forest concept that combines the economical values of a timber plantation with the sustainability of a natural forest.
It overcomes the plantation model by creating a profitable, lower risk, everlasting cash flow, multi revenue and bio diverse forest.
Target IRR of 6,5% real, with a lower risk profile through nature-like management and diversification of site adapted, mainly, native tree species.
Works well on low cost, non-agriculture soils.
Stakeholders have recognized the generation forest as an outstanding investment tool to stop climate change.


The Forest Coop
Individuals and Foundations
Is an opportunity to become a member of a world wide citizens initiative to stop climate change through forest impact investment from 1200 Euros.
Family Forest
For Family Offices and Individuals
Is your own individual customized tropical forest investment project.
For Qualified Investors
Is a pre IPO investment opportunity into a global holding company of diversified forests land assets and management companies.
Corporate Forest
For Companies
Are innovative industrial environmental compensation and CSR projects.


Community and Forest Foundation
For Foundations and Individuals
Creates high impact community building forestry, science and education projects, like the Panamerican Greenbelt.


What We Do
From the investment idea, over project planning, to land search and reforestation, maintenance, harvesting and exit. All with highest quality, social and environmental standards.
Our Team
In the base of our success. They are professionals, who love what they do, who identify with our goal to build new forests and by that create value for or investors as well as a positive impact on nature and people.
Our History
From a small family retail forestry company to Latin America’s premier manager of tropical hardwoods, over almost 25 years, over 9000 ha reforested and over 4500 ha of private reserves created.
Our Resources
Documents, pictures and knowledge.
Investors, scientist and communities give testimonies.

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