A unique opportunity to invest into innovative and proven forestry concepts, by owning the forest assets, as well as, the management companies in a liquid vehicle. While creating an everlasting forest with all its benefits for humankind and nature; forests that are profitable, low risk, biodiverse and have forever positive cash flow and benefits,  and forests that absorb carbon equal to the annual CO2 emissions of Switzerland.

Innovative structure permits to invest into forestry in three different ways:

  • At holding level, by investing directly to Arboreal, Inc.
  • At project level, by investing in one of Arboreal projects.
  • Into investors own project, by investing in a project that isn’t part of Arboreal Inc.


With more than ten thousand hectares planted and more than twenty years of unique experience with sustainable management of fine native and exotic species, we offer your company a customized service for development of environmental compensation or CSR projects.

We are aware that outsourcing your environmental compensation and CSR projects is often a challenge. Having been involved in the first transaction of sale of carbon credits in the world and being the first FSC certified company in Panama, we can guarantee a responsible and long-lasting management of a project that meets your commitment to your social and environmental goals.

Furthermore, as the first tropical forestry B corp-Certified company, we understand the importance of genuine sustainable management as an ongoing transdisciplinary task of improvement towards a positive environmental and social impact.


With almost 25 years of experience managing sustainable forestry investments, we are prepared to structure your investment and manage your forest meeting your own personal requirements.

We, as Futuro Forestal, provide an array of forestry, property and asset management services. We conceptualize, ensure feasibility, structure (legally and fiscally), establish, maintain and if required exit projects for our clients.

As a quality-control measure we have developed a body of procedures, policies and protocols that have been carefully implemented over the course of more than 20 years. Adhering to FSC certification standards is a minimum requirement for us. To communicate and monitor our social and environmental impact we use a formalized monitoring system. Our company strives to achieve tangible, measurable, impacts to the areas in which we operate.

Since the beginning of our operations we have worked for individuals and family offices, first reforesting with mixed plantations, with more or less teak, depending on the demand. However, nowadays we strongly encourage our clients to invest into projects developed using the generation forest concept.


Iliana Armién and Andreas Eke founders of Futuro Forestal together with a group of experts in different disciplines implemented their innovative ideas to found the Generation Forest Cooperative, with the aim of creating a movement of people committed to sustainable forest investments, and allow small investors to invest in the Generation Forest.

The cooperative buys cleared land on which long term agriculture is no longer possible and plant new forests with us, Futuro Forestal. By our natural approach used to regenerate habitats and show that the environment and the economy are not opposites. With our ecological forestry we would like to continue to achieve forests for humans that can be used as valuable suppliers of wood and thus to reduce the pressure on the still existing natural forests. After a few years, we take the generation forest individual trees and market that sustainable precious wood. Then we plant new ones in the gaps that have appeared, again and again. Through this durability our forests actively protect the climate, regenerate soils and groundwater, offer rare animals a new home and create long-term jobs on fair terms.

As a member of the forest people Cooperative, you can participate on existing and future Generations forests in Panama and other countries in the tropics. Participation in our forests is done simply by purchasing shares in the cooperative. A share corresponds today to 500 m² of forest, which we reforest, farm and manage permanently for you. Twenty shares correspond to one hectare (10,000 m²) forest. One hectare of Generation forest deprives the atmosphere of 14 tons of CO2 every year- more than the amount the emissions, the average European makes. So you can put some money aside and at the same time protect the climate.


Founded and created in Panama by Futuro Forestal, Fundación Comunidad y Bosque (FCB/CFF) is an independent non profit organization.

It was registered in Panama in 2005 and in Nicaragua in 2007. Since its early years FCB has worked to create better opportunities for communities around forest investments, in order to contribute to better life conditions of families neighboring the forests.  Nevertheless, the Community and Forest Foundation has also work in parallel in areas that are not exclusively related to an investment following the diverse objectives such as countering climate change, generating environmental and conservationist consciousness; protecting biodiversity, soil resources, water sources and reducing rural poverty in regions that surround forests.

As work evolved, the foundation started to focus in environmental education with the nearby communities, technical and professional training in areas of forestry, education and farming, organization, basic accounting and investigation. Along the way, Alliances have been created with local communities, schools, national and international universities, research centers, local government and community organizations.

FBC together with various partners has initiated and developed various community projects with diverse activities, from apiculture farms for women in the community, community nurseries, reforestation and agriculture, to beach clean-up activities.

The foundation is constantly looking for partners to develop, finance and execute projects that encourage a sustainable balance between communities and their environment.

We are currently developing the Panamericana Verde, a project that aims at reforesting and conserving a two kilometers wide biological corridor through the american continent, to connect diverse ecosystems and protect Biodiversity. We are working on connecting people alongside the corridor, indigenous nations and other local communities, NGOs, local governments, investors and citizens from all over the world who will support this project.