Arboreal is an investment opportunity to be launched in early 2020. A unique holding company which owns the land, the forests, the environmental services, like carbon credits, as well as the management capacity.

Investors will be able to invest through acquiring  equity of the company. Investments from US$ 1 Mio onwards. Regulatory restrictions may apply depending on investor’s country of origin of the investors.


With more than nine thousand hectares planted and more than twenty five years of unique experience with sustainable management, we offer a customized service of environmental compensation as well as CSR project development.

Having worked for banks and mining companies we are not offering short term fibut xes but responsible and long-lasting management of projects that meet your companies’ commitment to your social and environmental goals.

We offer investment as well as corporate philanthropic solutions. With our projects your CSR or compensation project can turn from a pure cost to an investment.


For centuries european aristocrats have been growing and safeguarding their wealth with large forest holdings. We offer a version of this concept with the biodiversity and beauty of the tropics.

After defining your objective and special wishes we find the right land for your forest. Sometimes with a portion of existing natural forest, sometimes with a beach or on an island. We write the detailed business plan, help with the legal and fiscal structure, we establish, maintain and if required exit your projects for you.

Lastly, we engage external auditors (fiscal, financial and process controlling, forestry, legal compliance) to offer our investors  full transparency and tranquility, even from far away.

``After 14 years of cooperation we can only recommend Futuro Forestal. We are especially satisfied with the detail with which they meet our requirements: from the expert land and species selections, to the dedication to create the right business plan for us. Furthermore, We are thrilled with the performance of our investments compared to that of other plantations. Lastly, we truly appreciate the direct and personal contact we have to Iliana and Andreas.``
Phillip Poppe


Founded in 2016, the cooperative, allows investors to invest smaller amounts in a Generation Forest at conditions similar to those only large investors get.

A way to counter climate change through sustainable forest investments. The cooperative buys lands and contracts Futuro Forestal to plant and manage new biodiverse forests. As a member of the Cooperative, you can participate in Generation Forests in Panama. Investing in the cooperative forests is done by simply purchasing cooperative participations. A participation, costs 1254 Euros and it represents 500 m² of new forest, forever. Thus, twenty shares make one hectare (10,000 m²) of new forest, and absorbs about 14 tons of CO2, annually. Through a few participations our members can live a carbon neutral or even carbon positive life.

``As a non-profit the GLS Treuhand,we have become a member of the cooperative, because we consider the idea of the ``Generation Forest`` of The Generation Forest e.G. and Futuro Forestal as an opportunity and possibility to contractually reconcile, within the field of international forestry the common good, economic goals and ecological values with each other.``
Dr. Hermann Falk
Managing Director GLS Treuhand e.V.


Founded in Panama (2005) by Futuro Forestal, Fundación Comunidad y Bosque (FCB/CFF) is a registered NGO, with the Panamanian tax authorities.

Along the way, CFF has created alliances with local communities, schools, national and international universities, research centers, local government and community organizations. These alliances have resulted in the development, financing and execution of an array of projects aligned with the foundation’s general objectives, such as combating climate change, generating environmental consciousness; protecting biodiversity, soil resources, water sources and reducing rural poverty in regions surrounding forests. The CFF has over ten years of cooperating with more than 60 projects completed in different communities around Central America.

``This has been a wonderful experience. The team is quite surprised with the rhythm the CFF team is taking to teach us. They have adapted to us and normally the organizations do it the other way around: we have to adapt to them, to their schedule and to their knowledge and this usually doesn't work. They have been the opposite of the organizations we have known, they have been accommodating and flexible to our pace of learning and working and this makes the group very keen to learning because we feel understood and cared for. We are grateful and eager to continue working with you to learn more.”
Raquel Cunampio
Ejuã Wãdrã